Auto-Tie Balers for Rent and for Sale

TIEger® Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers
TIEger® Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers
TIEger auto-tie horizontal baler uses highly efficient gear twisters, which eliminates pigtails.
PC-Series Horizontal Baler
PC-Series Horizontal Baler
PC-Series auto-tie horizontal baler is designed for high-productivity and ease of use.

An auto-tie baler is the obvious recycling solutions for businesses that generate a large volume of recyclable waste. An automatic baling machine allows you to turn used paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and scrap metal into a valuable revenue stream. And of course, it keeps your workspace safe and sanitized.

Why choose an automatic recycling baler?

An auto-tie baler automatically bales materials every time the chamber is fully loaded — no need for manual operations. An automatic horizontal baler configuration automatically ejects the bale onto a conveyor, where it will then be stored away for transport to recycling centers or landfills. The machine does everything. You don’t have to worry about anything.

How do you benefit from an auto-tie baler?

An automatic baling equipment contributes to a better process flow for your recyclable waste. Consider these benefits:

Lower Labor Costs

Arguably the most important benefit of an auto-tie horizontal recycling baler is that it significantly reduces labor costs. The machine automatically transfers waste materials to the hopper, fills the chamber, and processes the bale until it’s ready for transport. Your workers don’t need to do all that. So, your workspace experiences a boost in safety and work efficiency.

Increased Cash Flow

Automatic balers indirectly but significantly contribute to your business revenue. If you work with a lot of recyclable materials, you can use the baler to compress that waste so you can ship it to recycling centers and manufacturers of sustainable products. Balers also frees up more floor space in your facilities.

What specific auto-tie baling machine should I purchase from WESSCO?

We currently offer two automatic baler models: the TIEger® Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers and the PC-Series Horizontal Baler.

The TIEger® baling machine features gear twisters that effectively remove pigtails and twister hooks. On the other hand, the PC-Series auto-tie baler is for businesses that want to easily operate a baling machine. This baling machine comes with an intuitive touchscreen that allows you to configure bale length, pressure, and settings with just a few taps.

What’s common between these two models is that they’re both manufactured, a premier manufacturer of on-site waste recycling balers and compactors. We provide only top-quality baling equipment for our valued customers.

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