Manual Tie Balers for Rent and for Sale

STEALTH® Horizontal Baler
STEALTH® Horizontal Baler
Stealth manual-tie horizontal baler is specifically designed for baling OCC and similar material with proven productivity for the recycling market.
Gemini 3560® and Gemini Xtreme® Balers
Gemini 3560® and Gemini Xtreme® Balers
The Gemini 3560® and Gemini-Xtreme® Balers are moderate duty, closed-end horizontal balers that enable you to process a variety of material such as PET, aluminum or steel cans, paper,...
Closed-End Horizontal Balers
Closed-End Horizontal Balers
Closed-End Horizontal Balers are ideal for multi-material processing. The ram packs the material in the compaction chamber and the bale is ejected through the end.
ATLAS® ET Non-Ferrous Horizontal Balers
ATLAS® ET Non-Ferrous Horizontal Balers
Our ATLAS® ET offers affordable, highly efficient, mid-size horizontal balers for non-ferrous scrap.

A manual-tie horizontal baling equipment caters to a wide range of waste materials including cardboard, carton boxes, fiber, film, office paper, packing materials, textile waste, and many other types of recyclable waste. This semi-automatic machine makes it easier for you to compress recyclable waste and send it to recycling facilities, sustainable product manufacturers, and landfills.

Is a manual-tie compactor suitable for you?

If you’re still undecided on which type of baler to invest in, consider this: manual-tie baling machines are ideal for facilities that generate up to four tons of waste per hour. This is a sufficient amount for the machine to compress and eject the bale without fault. The only thing your worker has to do is manually tie the bale together before transport.

There are standard balers that cater to a wide range of applications. WESSCO offers a manual-tie horizontal baler, a closed-end baling equipment, and a non-ferrous baling machine. Alternatively, tell us if you prefer tailored manual-tie baling equipment for your unique operations.

Why invest in a manual-tie baler?

A manual-tie baler is designed to simplify your waste management process. Here’s how your business benefits from the equipment:

Saves Space

These balers quickly compress waste so you don’t have to worry about an overflow of trash.

Encourages Recycling

A manual-tie cardboard baler processes a large volume of recyclable waste that you can transport to recycling centers.

Reduces Costs

Businesses that generate garbage need to eliminate the waste properly. Trash removal, however, is a necessary service that affects your bottom line. Although you won’t be able to remove this expense completely (regardless of how much your business reuses and recycles), you could take steps to minimize your operational costs.

This is possible by using a baler. You save more on waste hauling and transport costs by compressing waste beforehand.

Improves Reputation

According to a report published by Nielsen, consumers everywhere care about the environment and expect businesses to engage in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Using a baling machine shows that your company is taking steps to reduce and recycle waste, inspiring trust among your customers and stakeholders.

Your baling equipment needs depend on various factors including your budget, the available floor space in your facilities, and the amount of recyclable waste you generate. We’ll help you determine a suitable model for your baler needs. Schedule an onsite assessment today.

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