Heavy-Duty Two-Ram Balers for Sale

Galaxy 2R Wide Baler
Galaxy 2R Wide Baler
Galaxy2R wide model two-ram balers feature a full-penetration compaction ram to produce high density bales.
Galaxy 2R Narrow Baler
Galaxy 2R Narrow Baler
Galaxy2R two-ram narrow model balers feature a full-penetration compaction ram to produce high density bales.

Businesses looking to effectively manage their generated waste material should invest in a baler or compactor. If you’re going to get this equipment for your company, you’ll need to choose a model that fits your needs.

A type of baler you can consider is a double-ram compactor. Two-ram balers are baling machines that use two cylinders to accommodate a wide variety of waste materials like cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, textiles, and tires. Dual-cylinder balers generally take up more floor space than single-ram balers do but that’s because they’re built for tougher applications.

Why should you consider investing in a two-ram baler?

Like the name implies, a two-ram baler operates on a twin-motor system that makes way for efficient operations with minimal downtime. This machine’s twin-motor configuration allows it to produce more bales in a lesser amount of time, as compared to a single-ram baler with higher horsepower.

When you’re dealing with bulky materials, or when you’re constantly switching commodities, a single-ram baler might not have the capacity for it. The twin-motor system of a two-ram compactor is more than capable of handling these situations. Alternatively, if your waste volume exceeds the capacity of a manual-tie baler, then your best choice is a two-ram baler which features greater speed and automation.

What are the benefits of a dual cylinder baler?

There are many ways you can benefit from a dual-ram compactor. Consider these factors:

Cost Reduction

Double cylinder baler machines cater to more material at a time, with minimal or no preconditioning. You effectively reduce operating costs as compared to having a single-ram baler. Rather than use several single cylinder balers to process textile, scrap metal, plastic, and other materials, purchase a large double-ram compactor to get the job done more efficiently. After all, an efficient machine is instrumental in reducing operational expenses.

Time and Manpower

Two-ram balers reduce or, in some cases, totally eliminate the need for preconditioning waste materials. So, you get the job done faster and with less manpower. This is possible because of the dual-ram baler’s large feed opening. This feature allows the equipment to process more material at a fast rate.

Customizable Features

Our two-ram balers can be tailored based on your business needs. Let us know how you operate on a daily basis so we can help you with machine customization.

Your baler needs depend on the volume and material that you’re dealing with. Schedule an on-site analysis today so we can help you determine the most suitable baler for your unique operations.

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