Commercial and Industrial Compactor Solutions

Commercial and industrial compactors reduce the size and volume of materials, which may lead to a reduction in hauls. In most cases, this leads to significant savings in waste. Each compactor is configured to your unique operation and built to manage a variety of waste streams. Our experienced team will help you find a quality commercial garbage compactor that’s right for your needs.

Compactor Benefits

Self-contained compactors are designed to withstand the toughest applications, providing maximum durability and productivity in a wide a variety of wet and dry applications.

Compact refuse using the power of the sun. Many compactors can be equipped with systems which enables you to use the power of the sun to compact refuse. These units can provide greater independence from the power grid and lower your energy costs.

Shrink your disposal costs. Choose a PreCrusher to process bulk waste such as pallets, skids, and 55-gallon drums and get 30% greater compaction results than with a standard compactor.

Auger Compactors are the preferred compaction solution for tough applications such as pallets, cardboard, waste paper and more.

The high volume transfer station compactor systems can process up to 1749 cubic yards per hour and compact materials directly into transfer trailers. Multiple options are available to suit various applications.

WESSCO has always been on a mission to provide equipment that reduces your ongoing and upfront costs. Our experienced team handles the waste management needs of some of the biggest industrial and commercial names. And we’ve been serving our customers since 1987.

How You Can Maximize Our Compactors

All compactors work the same way. You fill it with waste and crush the waste into an attached container, minimizing the volume of waste. Then, the compacted waste gets hauled away for proper disposal.

Below the surface, it’s more complicated. The type of waste your company tosses into the compactor defines the safety hazards, operational space concerns, and hauling schedules that you deal with every day.

Invest in a heavy-duty commercial compactor made from high-quality materials, and you’ll be able to reduce some costs.

Measurable changes include improved safety, increased space, and a reduction in hauls. A dependable compactor also enhances aesthetics and reduces foul odor in facilities.

What Type of Industrial and Commercial Compactor Do You Need?

Our self-contained commercial garbage compactors are well-equipped for wet and dry applications.  Our state-of-the-art industrial compactor models have a generous storage capacity, so you can compact more waste or recyclables in one go.

On the other hand, our stationary industrial trash compactors use solar energy to dispose of dry waste, like metal, wood, and other non-recyclable materials. These top-of-the-line garbage compactors reduce your solid waste material to a fraction of its original volume and, at the same time, lower your energy costs.

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An efficient compactor is integral to the overall flow of your commercial and industrial waste management process. You need equipment that can bale, crush, or extract waste without causing delays.

Let our industrial compactors do the job.

Let us know what size and volume of waste you deal with, and how your facilities operate. Our team will find the right compactor for your waste streams.

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