High-Quality Apartment Waste Compactors

Mini-M.A.C.® Compactor

Mini-M.A.C.® Compactor

The Mini-M.A.C.® is a low-cost system designed for use with small (2 yd.) containers and for installation in basements of high-rise buildings.
Vert-I-Pack Vertical Compactor

Vert-I-Pack Vertical Compactor

Vert-I-Pack® (VIP) compactors are ideal for applications where space for a compaction system is limited, the volume of wet waste does not justify a larger system, or a roll-off collection service is not available.
Pak’ntainer Compactor

Pak'ntainer Compactor

Pak’ntainer is a portable and economical self-contained compactor/container with remote power pack.
Untouchable VIP Comapactor

Untouchable VIP and VIP FL/3

Untouchable VIP, developed for narrow alleyways, is perfect for areas where space is limited but compaction is required.

RJ-88SC Compactor and RJ-88SC-HT Compactor

The RJ-88 Self-Contained Compactor is the ideal compaction equipment for waste with high liquid content...
RJ 250 SC

RJ-250SC and RJ-250SC-HT Compactors

Our RJ-250 units are state-of-the-art in roll-off self-contained compactors, featuring over-sized feed openings and expanded container storage capacity...

As a landlord or property manager, it’s your duty to ensure that your tenants’ waste is collected and processed according to your local sanitary code. Apartment compactors, like the ones we supply, make that process easier and more efficient. Apart from compliance, here are other benefits of having a trash compactor in your building:

Compactors significantly reduce the volume of your waste, allowing you to use fewer containers when storing them. This ultimately reduces the back and forth your employees have to go through when hauling trash into trailers, as well.

An efficient compactor means less waste volume which, in turn, means that you can cut down on waste hauling costs. You can also bring down the total waste disposal rate from your building to the landfill or recycling station. On a related note, explore your options for hauling companies and landfills to get the best value for your money.

Cluttered dumpsters and trash bins are breeding ground for pests. And these vermin can leave droppings that may cause diseases for both your employees and tenants.

Apartment compactors get rid of this problem by providing adequate storage for your building’s waste. The Marathon Vert-I-Pack (VIP) and RJ-888SC-HT compactors are water-tight, which prevent spills and leaks during compaction. They can be sealed tight to prevent pests from entering the machine.

No matter how prestigious your building may be, the sight of filled up dumpsters in its alleyways can be an eyesore for tenants and customers. Plus, the faint odor of leaking trash is a huge turn-off. A proper compactor like the RJ-250SC has a sealed chamber and deodorizing feature that keep undesirable odors inside the machine.

One thing that tenants are most likely to notice is sanitation. This refers to loose trash along with pests, foul odors, and overflowing trash bins. A combination of these factors, along with the lack of waste management process, might make them question the sanitation integrity of your building. A compactor lets you keep the building clean and up to your tenants’ standards.

Many buildings are shifting to more environmentally friendly waste disposal systems. Introduce a recycling program to your tenants then compact the recyclables for hauling to recycling centers.

High-quality apartment building compactors make it easier for you to deal with the large volumes of waste your building creates daily. If you’re not sure what kind of waste and recycling equipment you need, get in touch with our experts.

One of the apartment compactors we offer is the Mini-M.A.C. This is a durable, reliable, and proven compactor, a leading manufacturer of recycling compactors.

The Mini-M.A.C. is made right here in the USA. It’s been copied internationally because it’s the standard and the best when compared to other apartment compactors. The mini but mighty machine features a remote power unit, the CYCLON Life-Xtender® for solid-state circuitry, and a hopper that allows chute-feed or hand-feed applications, among others.

Designed for use with small containers and for weekly uncompacted waste volumes of less than 150 cubic yards, the Mini-M.A.C. helps you manage your building with ease.

Simplify the Way You Run Your Building

Landlords and property managers already have a lot of responsibilities. You have to take care of rental payments, routine maintenance, repair bills, resident reports, and tenants who refuse to leave. Waste disposal shouldn’t have to be on your mind, either.

Invest in a heavy-duty apartment garbage compactor for your convenience. Our compactors are easy to use. They don’t require heavy maintenance, either. These machines streamline your building’s process without occupying too much of your time or too much of your staff’s efforts. The best thing about these machines is you can tailor them to meet building needs.

The Advantages of Using a Top-Quality Small Apartment Trash Compactor

A waste compactor prevents small animals, such as rodents and squirrels, from making a mess out of your garbage containers and potentially harming you or your tenants. Compacted trash makes rummaging difficult for these critters.

A trash compaction system also offers excellent cost savings.

Loose garbage tends to fill the trash containers quickly. This could force you to empty your dumpsters more frequently, which means higher garbage hauling service fees. Investing in an apartment compactor decreases the problem of having constantly full dumpsters.

You’ll save money in the long run when you haul trash less often in your apartment building.

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