Auger Compactors for Large Industrial Sites and Production Lines

Auger Compactor Solutions

Commercial and industrial auger compactors are heavy duty machines designed specifically for compacting large volumes of dense waste material. Commonly used for large industrial sites and production lines, auger compactors are able to process large bulky items without bridging in the hopper. Increases payloads reduce transportation costs and minimize waste storage space on site. 

Compactor Benefits

Self-contained auger compactors

Self-Contained Auger Compactors

The ASC-210 Self-Contained Auger waste compactors are easy to use and maintenance friendly. The advantages include increased payloads that reduce transportation costs, minimize waste storage space on-site, and continuous forward auger blade movement that reduces building in the charge chamber.
Auger Compactor

Stationary Auger Compactors

The AST-440 Stationary Twin Auger Compactors are a heavy duty machine specifically designed for compacting large volumes of waste materials. This compactor is able to process large, bulky items without bridging in the hopper and is commonly used for large industrial sites and production lines.
ast-220 stationary auger compactors

AST-220 Stationary Auger Compactors

The AST-220 Stationary Auger Compactor is specifically designed for superior compaction and lower maintenance. The advantages include continuous forward auger blade movement that yields excellent payloads and superior compaction, while reducing or even eliminating springback.
ast-320 stationary auger compactors

AST-320 Stationary Auger Compactors

AST-320 Auger Compactors are easy to use and maintenance friendly. They have no hydraulics and fewer moving parts than conventional compactors. The auger delivers superior compaction, which results in fewer container pulls and reduced facility traffic.

The Auger Difference

If you want the heavy-duty performance of a stationary compactor while keeping your operations quiet and eco-friendly, get an auger compactor from WESSCO. This machine uses large drill bits to crush and compress garbage.

Its benefits include the following:

Auger compactors like the Marathon ASC-210 and AST-320 don’t use hydraulic motors to crush and compress materials. Their rotating drill bits can do the job just as well, with minimal noise.

Improper maintenance of compactor motors can cause them to leak hydraulic fluids. These harsh chemicals may pose possible health concerns when inhaled or touched by employees. They may also cause damage to soil and plants. Auger compactors don’t use such liquids, making them safer and more eco-friendly than traditional models.

Auger compactors can handle both liquid and solid waste with ease. Our offerings all have durable enclosed chambers that mitigate spillage.

Auger drills continuously move waste forward. This avoids waste buildup in the machine. This way, your employees don’t have to spend their precious time cleaning the compactor’s cavities regularly. Auger compactors also have fewer moving parts than hydraulic ones, which means less wear and friction that may damage the machine.

Auger compactors are eco-friendly and maintenance-free alternatives to the usual hydraulic models. If you’re interested in getting one for your business, get in touch with our team. We’re always ready to help you find a machine that addresses all your waste management needs.

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Why Choose an Auger Compactor

People tend to compare auger compactors and traditional hydraulic compactors. Both have their unique features but if you’re looking for better, faster, safer, and more sanitary compaction, then an auger compactor might be the most suitable type of waste compactor for your business.

Automatically Pre-crush Waste Materials

A waste auger compactor is more efficient than ram-style compactors in the sense that it can actually pre-crush the material before it enters the bin, resulting in a higher compaction ratio. It’s the better choice when you’re dealing with bulky items like furniture, and tough materials like wood waste.

Get the Job Done Faster

Our high-volume auger garbage compactors are always moving waste material forward. You don’t have to think about cycle times and charge box capacities because the machine keeps going no matter what. You also cut down on labor because the operator doesn’t have to worry about the cycle and charge box.

Take up Less Space on a Facility

An auger compactor has a smaller footprint than a traditional hydraulic compactor. This enables you to use bigger receiving bins and install the machine in a smaller space. Thanks to the smaller footprint, your business could cut down on installation costs. If you don’t have much space in your building, then an auger compactor may be the right equipment for you.

Enjoy Minimal Maintenance

Auger compactors have few moving components. This means that they require less maintenance than traditional compactors. Given that auger compactors are easy to maintain, you could minimize the downtime spent on keeping the machine in optimal shape.

Increase Safety and Cleanliness

Ram-style compactors tend to encounter jamming problems, wherein operators have to reach into the charge box to retrieve waste materials that bounce back. Auger compactors don’t do this. In fact, they’re sealed shut to prevent waste spillage and keep the surrounding area clean.

If you’re looking for one machine that can take care of your waste disposal and recycling responsibilities, an auger compaction machine is a worthwhile investment. They can be customized based on your operational needs. It’s an easy choice to make.

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