A High-Performance Precrusher Streamlines the Way You Process Bulk Waste

RJ-575HD Precrusher Compactor

RJ-575HD Precrusher

Choose Precrushers to process bulk waste such as pallets, skids, and 55-gallon drums and get 30% greater compaction results than with a standard compactor.
RJ-450 Precrusher Compactor

RJ-450 Precrusher

Choose Precrusher to process bulk waste such as pallets, skids, and 55-gallon drums and get 30% greater compaction results than with a standard compactor.

WESSCO offers high-performance precrushers that improve your waste management operations. The brand RJ-575HD and RJ-450 have powerful electric motors that can make quick work of drums, pallets, and crates. In fact, they’re 30% more efficient than standard compactors when compressing light loads.

Our precrushers provide a wide range of benefits including:

Because precrushers significantly reduce the volume of your load, you’ll be able to fit more waste into your containers, resulting in fewer trips to and from the landfill.

Precrushers get shipped to your facility fully-assembled. All you need to do is find a power source and get to compacting.

Expect these precrushers to last with little to no maintenance. The machines we provide are made of heavy-duty steel, from their ram face plates to their liner floors. They also feature self-cleaning gates that prevent waste from getting stuck on their doors, making cleaning much easier, too.

The ram on the RJ-450 and RJ-575HD can stretch a full 13-inches into the container when compacting materials, providing a force of up to 96,200 lbs. This mechanism is also supported by a guiding system that lessens friction, and ultimately extends the life of the part.

You can also have your machines customized according to your business’s unique demands. They can be outfitted with security chutes, remote controls, monitoring systems, tailored hoppers, and more!

It isn’t easy to get rid of waste, especially when it’s made of crush-resistant materials, or if it has spring-back tendencies. A precrusher has no problem with compacting tough waste and reducing it to a fraction of the original volume. It’s an effective space-saver that keeps your facilities cleaner.

If you’re in any manufacturing industry and are representing a brand, one of the best ways you can protect that brand is with the use of a pre-crusher compactor. As its name implies, the machine crushes and compacts waste materials so that they can’t be duplicated, or illegally re-sold.

Precrushers make dealing with bulk waste fast and easy. If you’re not sure which model to apply to your operations, get in touch with our representatives today. We’ll work closely with you to find a precrusher that fits your needs and budget. You can even rent or lease our products out to figure out which one you prefer before paying full-price.

Various Applications of Precrushers

Precrushers are essentially designed to make bulky waste, construction materials, auto parts, barrels, steel drums, and wood crates and pallets easier to dispose of. Precrusher trash compactors are an ideal solution for convenient and space-saving disposal of industrial waste and hard-to-destroy materials.

Arguably the best part about a precrusher garbage compactor is that they’re designed for 24/7 high-density compaction. They simplify the waste handling process and cut down waste hauling expenses by half. They’re suitable for a wide range of industries:

If you’re going to buy or rent a precrusher, you’ll want to get a machine that processes dry waste and wet waste. Dry waste precrusher trash compactors destroy products thoroughly. They are suitable for obliterating paper, plastic, wood, metals, and glass.

On the other hand, wet waste precrushers are ideal for compacting oils, food, and wet materials. Precrushing wet waste gets rid of the excess liquid, which decreases the weight of the garbage.

Whether you need a traditional precrusher, a dry waste precrusher compactor, or a wet waste precrusher machine, you’ll get the right equipment that satisfies the waste recycling requirements of your business.

Also Available: Custom Precrushers

While the market offers standard precrushers, you can also tailor your precrushers based on your operational needs. They can be customized based on your required configurations and your waste volume and density.

Our precrushers can compact tough waste better than standard compactors can. We also feature compactors and balers for other types of waste. Contact us at 503.289.2360 today for all your compactor and baler needs.

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