Self-Contained Compactors


RJ-88SC Compactor and RJ-88SC-HT Compactor

The RJ-88 Self-Contained Compactor is the ideal compaction equipment for waste with high liquid content...
RJ 250 SC

RJ-250SC and RJ-250SC-HT Compactors

Our RJ-250 units are state-of-the-art in roll-off self-contained compactors, featuring over-sized feed openings and expanded container storage capacity...

RJ-100SC Compactor

RJ-100SC self-contained compactor/container makes handling wet or dry waste simple. It is easy to load from both the ground and dock levels...

DRCII-SC Compactor

The DRC II is one dual-purpose compactor, occupying one space, with two separate compartments that enable you to compact a wide range of waste and recyclables all at one time.

Advantages of Using a Self-Contained Compactor

Compactors are powered by hydraulics or augers to crush and mold waste into easily-transportable chunks. They are designed to reduce labor costs and cut down waste collection bills. The type of waste varies from one company to another, and there are different kinds of compactors to deal with various types of garbage.

You have many options like hopper-style compactors, multi-cycle machines, and remote stations. They come in different sizes, too. Essentially, you can customize the waste management equipment based on your operational needs. A self-contained compactor model is often used by companies that produce a lot of liquid waste.

Its benefits include the following:

When garbage with liquid waste, like ones from restaurants and supermarkets, get compressed by a normal compactor, they may leak out nasty juices onto the floor. This can spread foul odors and cause slips and falls. A self-contained commercial compactor, like the RJ-88SC, is sealed tight to prevent leakages and even has a deodorizer to keep the stench from wafting through your facility.

When trash is left lying around, it inevitably stinks up the place. Exposure to garbage odor could irritate your throat and nose. High levels of foul trash odor could cause loss of appetite, eye irritation, sneezing, and coughing. The garbage stink, therefore, is not just a mere nuisance. It’s also harmful to someone’s health.

If you have a self-contained trash compactor that is designed specifically to contain waste, it’s easier for you to control odor regardless of what type of waste your company makes. Tightly-bound garbage bags and heavily sealed boxes might help conceal the foul smell but compacted waste is still more manageable.

Leaks and strong smells from compressed waste can attract all kinds of pests to your compactor. Small animals and other pests love garbage. Squirrels and rodents, for instance, dive in trash containers to score a free meal and mess up your facility. Once they smell garbage, they’ll come running. Pest infestation is the last thing you’d want to happen in your establishment.

Additionally, these scavengers can leave disgusting droppings in your facility and even damage important equipment. These droppings could harm the health of your employees.

Because a self-contained garbage compactor prevents leaks and odors from escaping its chamber, you won’t have a problem with squirrels and badgers wreaking havoc in your office.

Scavengers go through waste where they think they can salvage reusable items, recyclable materials, or other items they can sell or use for personal consumption. Keeping waste in self-contained compactors prevents scavengers from trespassing on your property and going dumpster diving.

Leaks from liquid waste may also contain dangerous bacteria and viruses. Some of them can cause dangerous (and potentially deadly) diseases even when inhaled or touched. A self-contained compactor doesn’t let these hazardous organisms out of its shell. This reduces the chances of your workers getting sick because of processed garbage.

Self-contained compactors are designed to make waste transport easier. You can haul more waste without increasing operational costs. The right compactor helps cut down on the cost of waste removal trips or pickup services.  And because it takes fewer trucks for waste disposal, your company also saves up on energy and fuel costs.

A self-contained trash compactor has a variety of benefits that improve the sanitation and productivity of your waste management system. It keeps your trash as neat as possible. It also prevents leaks and strong odors, keeps pests and scavengers away, and reduces your overhead costs.

Get in touch with a WESSCO representative today to find a model that suits your facility’s needs.

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