Commercial and Industrial Stationary Compactors

RJ-225 Compactor

RJ-225 and RJ-225HD Compactors

The Ramjet 225 is your best compactor value. Built for reliable performance in commercial and medium industrial situations, it effectively reduces solid waste material to a fraction of its original size...
RJ-275 Compactor

RJ-275 and RJ-275XHD Compactors

Ramjet RJ-275 is your best 2.5 cubic yard capacity compactor value. Built for reliable performance in commercial and medium industrial applications,...
RJ-325 Compactor

RJ-325 and RJ-325HD Compactors

Ramjet RJ-325 stationary compactor is a proven workhorse with excellent capability ensuring top performance in heavy commercial and industrial applications.
RJ-450 Compactor

RJ-450 Compactor

The RJ-450 compactor from features an extra-large 60-inch (1524mm) by 67 1/2-inch (1715mm) clear top opening that accepts large, bulky items with ease.
TANK Series Compactor

TANK Series Compactors

The Tank Series stationary compactors are ideal for commercial and docking applications where space is limited...
RJ-575HD Compactor

RJ-575HD Compactor

Ramjet RJ-575HD compactor is a high capacity, heavy-duty compactor ideal for industrial and commercial applications where large volumes of solid waste are generated.

Waste compactors are essential to commercial and industrial businesses, especially those in the manufacturing, agriculture, and construction sectors. They improve the sanitation, efficiency, safety, and operation costs of a waste management system. They also make life easier for employees responsible for handling and processing garbage. A popular variation of these machines is the stationary compactor.

The stationary compactor is used by hospitals, universities, chain stores and more for the following reasons:

If you need to thoroughly compact bulky waste in your facility, you’ll need a machine that offers heavy-duty trash compression.

The stationary compactors we provide are built to take on even the heaviest loads. The Marathon RJ-325, a top-of-the-line, heavy-duty stationary garbage compactor, can handle industrial refuse and garbage. When you upgrade to the RJ-575HD, you can compact crates, pallets, and other bulky waste quickly. This is because it’s made with cast-iron rams and powered by a heavy-duty hydraulic motor.

Garbage eats up the storage space of a facility. If storage space becomes full, the trash may take up other available spaces within the building.

When the space in a facility decreases, the business suffers. Certain areas of the facility, for instance, could become cramped. This could cause workplace accidents that could injure employees.

On top of that, the lack of space hinders workers from quickly traveling from Point A to Point B or locating products or materials efficiently.

An efficient stationary trash compactor minimizes waste to improve the storage space in your facility. Because medium-sized stationary compactors compress waste by down to 80% of their volume, you’ll spend less money on storage space and containers. This allows you to allocate your cash to more important resources.

Employees who have to deal with processing and disposing of garbage are exposed to hazards like dangerous germs and viruses. They may also suffer from slips and falls from liquid waste leaks. A stationary compactor allows you to process and store trash into trailers without their bits and liquids falling onto the facility’s floor. This lessens the risk of diseases and injuries in your waste management system.

Commercial establishments, chain stores, supermarkets and facilities that generate a lot of dry waste like aluminum, boxes, and plastics can save on waste collection costs by keeping their trash compact.

It doesn’t matter what type of waste your establishment or facilities generate. At the end of the day, it’s still trash. Insects and rodents will still be drawn to it. Foul odors are likely to develop as well. A stationary compactor helps you contain the waste, prevent pest infestation, and minimize bad odors.

A compactor keeps your waste controlled so it doesn’t get blown away by the wind and become a messy problem for your cleaners. And if you’re dealing with recyclable waste, a compactor helps you segregate them.

A stationary compactor can vastly improve the sanitation, safety, and efficiency of your operations. It is typically used to manage cardboard, mixed paper, and other types of dry waste. It is also ideal for commercial and industrial environments that require 24/7 versatility and durability regardless of the waste density.

This waste management equipment comes in various standard sizes, and options like walk-on ramps, multi-cycle timers, and remote stations. It can even be placed by the wall, where it can easily be fed via a chute opening or an air handling system. Standard options aside, you can tailor the machine based on your needs.

Our variety of stationary compactors is suitable for office setups, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls, department stores, chain stores, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, motels, and hospitals. Our offered products are also available for many other industrial and commercial uses.

Contact us today to find the right model for your business’s needs and budget.

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