Closed-End Horizontal Balers

        Closed-End Horizontal Baler

        Closed-End Horizontal Balers are ideal for multi-material processing. The ram packs the material in the compaction chamber and the bale is ejected through the end. The gate operates hydraulically. Closed-End Horizontal Balers are mid-sized, closed-end balers that processes a wide variety of material and can produce up to 20 tons of OCC in a typical day’s shift. Several models are available with bale sizes from 30″ x 42″ x 72″ to 48″ x 42″ x 72″, charge box opening lengths from 30″ to 50″, motors with 20 & 30 horsepower, and 7-inch and 8-inch cylinder bores.


        • Rotary bale length gauge activates the bale made light automatically with no flag pole to engage or disengage
        • A photoelectric cell facilitates automatic cycling
        • Heavy-duty, spring-loaded retainer locks
        • Reversible and replaceable ram shear blade and serrated body shear blade
        • Chute or hand-feed hopper
        • Heavy-duty power pack with 20 or 30 HP TEFC motor
        • Center position valve, 10-micron return line filter, and 100 mesh suction line strainer
        • Audio/visual start-up alarm
        Closed-End Horizontal Baler
        Closed-End Horizontal Baler

        Optional Features

        • Tongue & Groove Floor/Ram
        • Conveyor Control Options
        • Accessory Control Option
        • Material Selector Switch
        • Remote Control Station
        • Remote Power Pack
        • Oil Cooler (20 hp)
        • Immersion Oil Heater
        • Oil Temperature Shut Down
        • Low Oil Shut Down
        • Sonic Sensor
        • Upper Photo Cell
        • Custom Designed Hopper
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