Galaxy 2R Wide Baler

Galaxy 2R Wide Baler

Galaxy2R wide model two-ram balers feature a full-penetration compaction ram to produce high density bales. The programmable PLC controller features automatic and manual controls, diagnostics, and bale set-up functions. The controller enables you to easily switch between recyclable materials. Adding the optional metals package makes the Galaxy2R wide model perfect for scrap applications.

The Galaxy2R wide model balers feature a multi-purpose door that can serve as a bale separator, bale release, or bale clamp. It also allows for variable bale widths. This line of balers also comes with components such as a high-efficiency power unit, adjustable shear beam, replaceable and reversible shear blades, and main ram and ejector ram laser positioning.

Two-Ram Balers
Galaxy 2R Wide Baler

The Galaxy2R wide model is designed to fit a variety of applications:

  • Non-Ferrous scrap*
  • Material Recovery Facilities (MRF)
  • Recycling centers
  • Distribution centers
  • Large paper and plastic processors
  • MSW (with solid waste package)

* Subject to maximum recommended material size

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