Untouchable VIP and VIP FL/3

Untouchable VIP Comapactor

Untouchable VIP, developed for narrow alleyways, is perfect for areas where space is limited but compaction is required. Because the power unit is on the side of the Untouchable VIP it can be placed almost directly against a back wall. The container is on heavy-duty casters and easily be rolled to an area accessible by waste collection trucks. The Untouchable VIP can be configured for front or rear loader collection vehicles.


  • Compact Size
    The compact size of the Untouchable VIP allows it to fit just about anywhere, even in trash rooms inside buildings.
  • Side-Mounted Power Unit
    The Untouchable VIP’s power unit is accessible from the side rather than the rear allowing the back of the unit to go almost directly against a wall.
  • Containers with Casters
    The Untouchable VIP’s heavy-duty 2.75 cubic yard compaction container is on casters and can easily be rolled to an area that is more accessible by waste collection trucks.
  • Triple Interlock System
    The Untouchable VIP’s triple interlock, keyed operation system helps prevent unauthorized use of the compactor and controls employee pilferage.
  • Superior Compaction Ratio
    The Untouchable VIP uses more than 13 tons of crushing power forcing the ram 18″ into the container. Between uses, the ram seals off the container and applies constant pressure on the refuse–increasing compaction and reducing spring-back.
Untouchable VIP and VIP FL/3​

Convenient to use – EASY AS...

Untouchable VIP Compactor Step 3

The operator inserts the key and turns it to the “Up” position. When the ram moves to the up position the door can be opened.

Untouchable VIP Compactor Step 2

The large opening allows even a 30 gallon container to be emptied easily. the new waste material is dumped into the cavity left in the container by the previous ram position.

Untouchable VIP Compactor Step 1

Auto-Cycle is standard! After feeding, the operator turns the key to the “pack” position and then removes the key. the ram will cycle automatically to the down position to compact and hold the waste material there until the next loading cycle.

More than 13 tons (11,793 kg) of crushing power forces the ram 18-inches (457mm) into the container.

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