Key Markets

WESSCO’s top-of-the-line waste equipment cater to a wide range of industries. Here are the key markets who benefit the most from our compactors and balers:

Nursing Homes

The level of care provided in nursing homes and assisted living facilities isn’t as rigid as hospital care. Still, waste disposal at nursing homes is more stringent than it is at home. Our heavy-duty compactors and balers safely dispose of hazardous, biohazardous, and pharmaceutical waste, as well as sharp items.

Amusement Parks

There are hundreds of amusements parks and attractions across the country. Park visitors collectively generate a million pounds of trash every year. Park operators need heavy-duty waste equipment and proven waste management processes for seamless operations and a consistently clean and attractive environment.

Convention Centers

Convention centers and other large venues save thousands of dollars by implementing a tried-and-tested trash segregation system and recycling scheme. Our commercial-grade waste compactors and balers also contribute a lot in making sure the venue remains clean and comfortable, and that waste pickup and disposal cost less.


Storage and processing space take up a lot of attention during the design stage of a warehouse. This doesn’t mean that waste management should be overlooked. A strategic waste handling and disposal process makes warehouse operations more efficient. Our compactors and balers do a stellar job with waste management.

Recycling Centers

Recycling centers are thriving now that more consumers are shifting toward sustainability. More manufacturers are buying sorted goods from recycling centers. Heavy-duty balers are necessary to accommodate the increasing demand for these goods. Meanwhile, compactors make non-recyclable waste disposal easier.

Sports Venues

Whether it’s a football stadium or a hockey arena, sports venues are always bustling with excitement. They’re a venue of world-class entertainment for sports enthusiasts and concert-goers alike. Reliable waste management equipment combined with a strict recycling system keep these venues clean, and spectators happy.

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