Heavy-Duty Amusement Park Waste Management Equipment

With over 400 amusement parks and attractions across America, it isn’t a surprise that millions of people think of visiting one on holidays or special occasions. That isn’t even counting the number of tourists who visit theme parks annually. Park visitors generate at least 100 million pounds of trash every year. It’s easier to manage this volume when operators invest in heavy-duty waste compactors and balers specifically for amusement parks.

Waste Management in Amusement Parks

Theme parks can have thousands of visitors every day, depending on the season and the size of the park. These visitors walk around all day and indulge in mass-produced snacks that come in disposable plates and with disposable utensils. It isn’t easy to control trash disposal, so most parks have a trash can every 30 steps.

It isn’t enough to purchase and install containers that segregate degradable, biodegradable, and recyclable trash. Park operators should make a conscious effort of disposing all types of waste properly, from using heavy-duty park waste equipment to implementing appropriate processes. Otherwise, it might affect park operations, disrupt the environment, and affect the establishment’s reputation.

When not managed effectively, amusement park waste may result in the following scenarios:

Overflowing bins and streams might cause health and safety hazards for visitors and employees

Neglected trash may attract pests that cause anything between mild itching and serious diseases

People can trip over spilt or scattered waste, leading to serious injuries and personal injury claims

Visitors may not enjoy their time at the park because of unmanaged trash

People visit amusement parks to have fun with their family and friends. A dirty environment, safety risks, and health hazards caused by poor waste management are not part of the picture. Visitors are responsible for throwing their trash in the proper bins, but operators are responsible for ensuring regular trash collection.

Daily trash collection varies depending on the volume of guest and the areas that require most attention. Operators must prevent overflowing bins to avoid complaints and minimize hazards.

Behind the scenes, it’s best to use waste compactors that crush trash into smaller and easier-to-haul pieces. The waste management equipment is designed to make trash collection in amusement parks easier for employees. It also reduces the overall cost of transporting waste to landfills.

Why Choose WESSCO?

WESSCO has been providing commercial-duty waste management equipment and maintenance services for over 30 years. Let us find solutions that minimize downtime and eliminate waste-related concerns in your amusement parks.

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