Compactors and Balers for Convention Centers

From keeping the venue clean to making visitors feel comfortable, a lot of time and effort go into the success of a single event. Convention center operators cater to multiple events, sometimes simultaneously. They may work around the clock to keep the venue running smoothly. Cleanliness is a major contributor to smooth and successful events. Consider investing in heavy-duty compactors and balers for your convention center.

Waste Management in Convention Centers

Convention centers and other large venues generate a high volume of trash every day. Waste management is easier when you segregate which items are recyclable and which go straight to landfills.

You can save thousands of dollars on waste disposal by implementing a recycling scheme.

Encourage event participants to throw cardboard, paper, plastic, and food waste in separate bins for recyclables and general waste. This cuts down operational costs and the time it takes for your staff to clean up.

In addition to recycling, here are ways to narrow down your venue’s most common waste streams:

Limit the amount of waste brought into your venue

All effective waste management strategies start with the knowledge of what type of waste your venue generates. Consider restricting the items that visitors can bring. Clarify whether they can bring in outside food and drinks, too.

Be mindful of the areas surrounding your venue

It’s one thing to limit and segregate trash. It’s another to dispose of it properly, and make sure it doesn’t disrupt the surroundings. Convention center waste equipment, like a compactor, can minimize the volume of your post-event trash and make it easier to haul away.

A commercial-grade waste compactor for your convention center gives you one less thing to worry about. When you implement a trash segregation system and use sturdy equipment to compress your waste material, you can be sure that trash isn’t piling up in and around your establishment. You reduce pickup and disposal costs, too.

Why Choose WESSCO?

WESSCO is a leader in waste management and recycling equipment. We represent top manufacturers to provide heavy-duty compactors and balers that keep your convention center operations going. Our service trucks are available 24/7 for a quick response to your maintenance and repair needs.

Email us today to schedule an onsite analysis.

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