Hospital Waste Management Equipment

The healthcare sector is always evolving. It’s moving at a particularly rapid speed because of the pandemic that hit the whole world. Amidst all the changes, and whether you’re managing a medical clinic or a large hospital, you always have to prioritize the safety of your patients. You can start by maintaining a safe and sterile environment for them. WESSCO’s hospital compactors and balers can help with that.

Waste Management in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals generate a diverse range of waste. This includes the waste that the janitorial staff cleans up in private rooms and the lobby, the biohazardous waste in surgical suites, used syringes and blood lancets in the emergency room, and even the construction waste materials in the newly renovated wing.

Here’s what you can do to contain all these types of healthcare waste:

Be aware of all types of waste you generate

It’s important that your employees know the difference among hospital waste and the safest way to dispose of them. For example, used sharp objects like needles and biohazardous waste like body secretions should be handled differently. Take note of chemotherapy and pharmaceutical waste too.

Streamline the healthcare waste stream

Maybe you already have an established waste management system and it seems to be working fine for the last few years. But given the increasingly stringent demands for hospital safety and sanitation, now is the best time to update your medical waste disposal process and upgrade your equipment.

Observe proper hospital waste disposal

Follow industry standards for proper waste disposal. Yes, it’s important to follow industry regulations. More than that, however, your team has to understand that any medical waste that comes out of your hospital is your responsibility. Proper disposal minimizes health risks for your patients and staff.

Proper hospital waste management safeguards the health of your employees and reduces the likelihood of hospital-acquired infections. Invest in the right type of equipment for your facility.

Why Choose WESSCO?

WESSCO’s heavy-duty compactors and balers are well-equipped to handle medical waste in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our waste management equipment keeps your trash contained to prevent contamination and to keep your facility clean. As a result, our equipment reduces your overhead operational costs.

Let us help you determine the most suitable equipment for your needs. Request an onsite analysis today.

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