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More companies are shifting to environmentally friendly practices. As a result, recycling centers are busier than ever. There’s a whole system of collecting recyclables, sorting them at the facility, and selling the sorted goods to manufacturers. Our waste management equipment for recycling centers expedite this process for you.

Which Waste Equipment is Right for Your Recycling Center?

Consumers play a major role in the sustainability of the recycling industry. More people are leaning toward products made of recycled materials and come in recycled packaging. As a result, manufacturers pay a good price for sorted goods from recycling centers.

The increasing demand for recycled goods keeps your business running. The higher demand also pushes you to invest in more efficient equipment. Your recycling center needs waste manage equipment that is equally safe and efficient. Your new equipment should maximize the volume you handle and minimize unscheduled downtime.

There’s a lot more that goes into choosing the right baling and compacting equipment for your business:

Consider your working environment

The first thing to consider when buying equipment is your floor space. Are you only dealing with cardboard recycling or do you also handle cans and plastic bottles? These recyclables require machines of different sizes, so choose products that efficiently do the job without compromising the work area.

Consider the type of waste you deal with

After sorting the recyclable material, you deal with the remaining waste. The most common example is liquids found in aerosol cans and plastic bottles. A waste compactor effectively manages the non-recyclable materials. Consider the type and amount of non-recyclable waste you encounter, then choose the right equipment.

Consider your budget for waste equipment

Once you’ve narrowed down your recycling and waste management equipment needs, you can easily determine the budget for it. You might think you’re saving more by just buying the machine and handling maintenance on your own. A plan that includes installation service, preventive maintenance, and after-sales customer support is more cost-efficient in the long run.

On the other hand, purchasing new equipment may not be the best plan for you. Review you cash flow and fiscal projections to determine whether leasing is more sustainable. One advantage of leasing equipment is that you get the latest model every time you renew your contract.

Baling machines make it easier to stack and transport recyclable materials to manufacturers. The compact bales are easier to melt down or reuse for new products, too.

You may complement your recycling center’s balers with waste compactors. These machines compress non-recyclable waste materials to maximize the space in your recycling center. These machines also make it easier to transport non-recyclable metals, plastics, textiles, and other materials to landfills.

Why Choose WESSCO?

WESSCO offers heavy-duty waste management equipment that reduce your recycling center’s ongoing and upfront costs. With over 30 years of experience, we find the best possible solutions based on your operations. We prioritize your needs and value your satisfaction.

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