Waste Management Equipment for Sports Arenas

Stadiums are best for football, soccer, and baseball. Meanwhile, arenas are ideal for basketball and ice hockey. Both venues can be used for concerts, too. Regardless of what the event is, owners and operators have two objectives. First is to attract spectators. Second is to provide world-class entertainment. Our compactors and balers for sports arenas and stadiums contribute to both objectives.

Waste Management in Sports Venues

The success of a sports venue depends on how attractive it is to spectators and how enjoyable their experience is. Although much of the experience relies on the actual game or show, another huge but subtle part of it relies on how clean the place is before, during, and after the event.

The following may help you better manage waste at your venue:

Establish a recycling system

One of the best things about live sports and concerts is the food served at the venues. From french fries and nachos to hotdogs and sausages, spectators never run out of options. One way to streamline waste management is by encouraging spectators to segregate their leftovers and other trash.

Place trash cans and recycling bins strategically — near exits, concession stands, and within view.

Invest in waste management equipment

Food waste aside, sports venues deal with other types of waste especially post-event. This ranges from streamers and confetti to tennis ball cans and used water bottles. Invest in waste compactors and baling equipment to minimize your sports arena’s volume of trash and cut down waste hauling costs.

Segregate the recyclable and non-recyclable waste. You can sell the former to recycling centers.

A strict recycling system and reliable waste management equipment contribute to a cleaner sports venue, which spectators will greatly appreciate. Let us help you determine the most suitable equipment for your venue today.

Why Choose WESSCO?

WESSCO is a leader in waste management and recycling equipment since 1987. We know which machine is most suitable for your sports arena or stadium. Our products come from the industry’s top manufacturers, so you can maximize their features for many years.

Email us today to schedule an onsite analysis.

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