College and University Waste Management Equipment

College and university campuses generate many different types of waste. Cans, bottles, and other beverage containers are some of the greatest waste streams in educational institutions. Of course, paper and cardboard make up a large percentage of any campus’s waste stream as well. WESSCO’s heavy-duty waste compactors and balers for colleges and universities keep your campus clear of these types of waste and more.

Waste Management in College and University Campuses

College and university campuses don’t normally deal with tough waste materials like metal, aluminum, and hard plastic. Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, soda cans, and cafeteria food waste are the most common waste streams in these institutions. So, industrial-grade compactors and balers might not be necessary.

Commercial-grade waste management and recycling equipment are more than enough to process and compress the waste that educational institutions generate every day. That’s the bigger picture, though.

Compactors and balers minimize the waste volume that your campus generates. Those aren’t the only ways to keep the environment clean, though. It’s also important to promote waste segregation and recycling to students.

Here are ways you can address waste management on campus:

Put emphasis on recycling

Your campus can actually generate extra funds — or at least minimize operation costs — by recycling. Recycling centers and sustainable product manufacturers might be interested in buying your recyclable waste. Make it easier to collect this type of waste by placing recycling containers all around campus. This encourages staff and students alike to throw their trash in the proper places.

Observe proper waste disposal

Colleges and universities already have the responsibility of making sure the students get the well-rounded education they deserve. You can allocate more resources on this by streamlining your waste management and recycling process. Updated processes and upgraded equipment result in less trash and lower waste disposal and transport costs for your institution.

Why Choose WESSCO?

WESSCO features heavy-duty waste management and recycling equipment that are fit for college and university campuses. It doesn’t matter how small the floor area is or how vast the extra space is — our compactors and balers come in different sizes to match the needs of your institution.

We help you determine the right equipment for your campus. Fill up our form to request an onsite analysis today.

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