Compactors & Balers Repair & Maintenance

Minimize Downtime with Detailed Maintenance Services

WESSCO has been providing waste management equipment repair and maintenance services since 1987. We’ve seen all kinds of issues that occur when compactors and balers aren’t properly taken care of. We’ll keep your equipment in optimal condition, helping you do more with your operations. Our fully stocked service trucks are on call 24/7 to address your maintenance concerns and minimize downtime.
Maintenance Service

Maintenance Services

We provide scheduled maintenance services to your facility to keep your systems running “like new”. A maintenance schedule such as this will provide attention to keep little problems from growing into big trouble, because we specialize in compaction equipment; our work is fast and efficient, keeping maintenance costs and downtime low. WESSCO’s Maintenance Program provides specialized technicians offering the expertise necessary to achieve high operating standards, keeping the system running at maximum productivity.

Compactor Repairs

Compactor repairs may be required to address normal wear and tear, unanticipated breakdown, or to correct minor repairs resulting from isolated incidents of vandalism, willful damage or neglect. The intention is to replace components with the same or an equivalent component.

WESSCO’s service team provides 24-hour service 365 days of the year on all types of waste processing and material handling equipment. 

Experienced technicians are available for on-site visits to your facility, troubleshooting and provide emergency service to help address any issues related to maintenance or performance.

As for replacement parts, WESSCO’s vast parts inventory and strong industry alliances provide the kind of responsiveness you expect.

Maintenance/Repair 1

WESSCO’s 30 years of experience in the waste management sector tells us how much your business can lose when the compactor malfunctions. Waste piles up, your staff becomes less productive, and your equipment is exposed to even worse damage. Prevent these from happening by scheduling maintenance and calling us for repairs the moment your recycling equipment is down.

Compactors are built for industry-grade use. But you’ll still need to be on the lookout for these common issues:

Compactors that won’t turn on or off
Compactor doors won’t open or shut
Compactors that won’t process waste

Our factory-trained and certified team of technicians also helps you find a solution when your waste compactor has an odor issue.

In addition to resolving recycling equipment repair issues, we suggest regular maintenance services that keep your compactors running smoothly all year round. Preventative inspections avoid unnecessary disturbances in operations.

These are the most important parts we check:

The last thing you want is for your compactor or baling system to malfunction on a particularly busy day.

Our comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions will keep your equipment in top shape and operating according to industry standards.

With a strong presence in 14 states since 1987, you can count on the WESSCO team to get your compactors and balers up and running in no time. Our well-equipped service trucks are available 24/7.

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