Taylor-Dunn’s Bigfoot Utility Vehicle for Sale

Bigfoot G-1500

Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot Utility Vehicle

Taylor-Dunn’s BIGFOOT Utility Vehicle provides maximum comfort with the large operator’s compartment, tilt steering, contoured sliding adjustable seats, which increases legroom and reduces operator fatigue.

This electric or gas-powered vehicle will take you the distance, up to 100 miles, and at speeds up to 18 miles per hour.

Additional standard features include, hydraulic disc brakes, recessed tie-downs, and 12 gauge smooth skin unitized steel body.

Features & Benefits

Taylor-Dunn’s Bigfoot is an ergonomic electric- or gas-powered utility vehicle that’s practical for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, airports, hotels and resorts, hospitals, stadiums and arenas, school campuses, and other establishments that constantly need to move people and products.

With its 3,000-pound load capacity and 7,500-pound towing capacity, it definitely provides excellent value for money. The utility vehicle is also designed with the operator’s comfort in mind. Check out these features:

  • Large Operator’s Compartment
  • Tilted Steering
  • Adjustable Seats
Bigfoot G-1500

The best part about the utility vehicle is that it is customizable based on your operational requirements. While it isn’t recommended for use on rough terrains and public roads, it’s a significant boost to your daily productivity.

Taylor-Dunn’s Bigfoot is designed for use on asphalt, cement, and gravel. Take note that while you may request for turf tires, the utility vehicle is strictly for industrial and commercial applications, not for rough terrain and public highways. Tell us your concerns when looking for a utility vehicle and we’ll help you address them.

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