Customize Your Conveyor System

EZ-trax conveyor systems

When you need to move materials in your facility, you need a handling system that boosts operational efficiency and lives up to the production demands of your business.

WESSCO offers custom-engineered raw material conveying systems that effectively handle a wide variety of bulky materials and scrap-handling applications. These range from light-duty slider bed conveyors to heavy-duty steel belt conveyors and complete turn-key Material Recovery Facility (MRF) systems.

EZ-TRAX Conveyor Systems Specs

WESSCO helps you determine the most suitable conveyor system for your warehouse, manufacturing facility, or distribution center. Our heavy-duty material conveyors are equipped to handle a wide range of applications but it’s still best to keep these factors in mind when choosing a model:

Material Dimensions, Volume, and Production Rate

The first thing you have to consider is how bulky and heavy your materials are. You also have to consider the production rate of your materials or scraps. These specifications help you determine the most stable conveyor for your operations, as well as whether the conveyor needs guide rails.

Conveyor Washdown Requirements

If your materials need a washdown, consider the water pressure and cleaning chemicals needed for it. Warehouses and manufacturing facilities that require a washdown might need a stainless steel conveyor to accommodate these factors. Otherwise, mild steel and aluminum would suffice.

Environmental Setting

The overall condition of a facility is often unexplored or overlooked when selecting an ideal conveyor system. You need to understand how the machine will operate when you install it in a particular environment.

If your facility is processing metal components, for instance, the machining shavings from those parts could make their way to the conveyor system and cause a malfunction. If this is the case, you’ll need a machine designed to handle even the toughest environmental conditions.

Elevation and Transfer Requirements

Another factor you have to consider is the recycling conveyor system’s incline or decline. If your materials are passing through different floors, or under or over other equipment, take note of the required inclination. You also have to consider the transfer system of your materials to and from the conveyor.

Let us help you find a conveying system model that best adapts to your business needs. Schedule an on-site assessment today.

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