Used Waste Disposal Equipment for Sale

Used Compactors

Looking for waste and recycling equipment that fit your budgetary needs? Consider buying used waste management equipment which is available at a reduced priced upfront. Just be sure the equipment is still working well. WESSCO stocks used compactors and a variety of other gently used waste equipment.

Our gently-used balers and compactors are well-maintained. They’re almost as good as new. You can be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money. But if you still have reservations about buying used equipment, feel free to ask us the following questions for your peace of mind:

  • How old is the equipment and how often was it used?
  • Did the equipment have major breakdowns and replaced parts?
  • What’s the reason for selling the used waste management or recycling equipment?
  • What was the preventative maintenance plan of the equipment with its previous owner?
  • Who will transport and install the used equipment to its new location?
  • Is there available service and support for the used equipment?
RJ250SC Red

We’ll answer these questions as best as we can so that you can take all factors into consideration and determine whether it’s a great deal. But with WESSCO, you can be confident that it will always be a great deal.

We make sure you’re satisfied with the functionality of the used equipment you buy, and the value for money that it provides. Please contact us today and let us help find the product for you are looking for.

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