WESSCO’s waste management and recycling equipment services are available throughout Texas. We feature the latest range of waste compactors and baling systems. On top of equipment sales, expect the following services from us:

Rent and Lease

Maybe you’re gearing up for a busier season, so you’re renting a compactor for a few months. Or maybe you realized that leasing our baling equipment is more sustainable for your budget. Either way, we offer flexible rent or lease options and provide well-maintained equipment. Regular servicing is included.

industrial sale
design services

Design Services

Waste management is different for every business. We consider your operations, the size of your facility, and the volume of waste you produce before we present you with a sustainable solution. Come to us for waste management design services and we’ll tailor a layout especially for you.

Repair and Maintenance

Waste management equipment that takes too long to start will affect daily productivity. Address unexpected downtime with our 24/7 compactor and baler repair services. Moreover, prevent machine issues from occurring or getting worse by scheduling preventive maintenance with WESSCO.

repair and maintenance

Call us today for an onsite analysis.

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