Baler and Compactor Supplies and Services in Washington

WESSCO provides high-quality compactors and balers for businesses in Washington. We also offer expert rental and leasing, repair and maintenance, and design services.

Repair and Maintenance

A broken baler or compactor can put your operations to a grinding halt. And because waste has piled up in your facility, you’ll have to spend for a contractor to process it for you. We help you avoid this sticky situation with professional maintenance and repair services. We have a large fleet of expert technicians available 24/7, so your machines get fixed as soon as possible.

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Design Services

Waste management needs vary from one business to another. This is why we don’t just provide high-quality compactors and balers, but we also customize them according to your company’s needs. Trust our experienced team of technicians to work closely with you to create a plan that enhances your garbage disposal process.

Rental and Leasing

Whether you need a compactor or baler for a limited time or you want a waste management system with a flexible payment scheme, we’ve got you covered! Our rental service has monthly to 36-month plans, while our leasing service has one to five-year terms. Get in touch with our representatives to find the best arrangement for your business.

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